2022 Examination in Sleep Medicine

The 2022 Examination in Sleep Medicine for physicians, psychologists, sleep scientists and sleep technologists will take place alongside the 26th ESRS congress in September 2022 in Athens, Greece. On-line application will open in December 2021. Requirements and application procedures will be announced in due course.


2021 Examination in Sleep Medicine 

The Examination in Sleep Medicine will be conducted Saturday November 27, 2021 as an on-line event!

Application is closed since March 15, 2021!!!

Dear members and colleagues,

First, we hope that you and your loved ones go safely through this difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to inform you that the ESRS Board has been fully active since the beginning of the pandemic. We are continuously monitoring the situation, especially regarding the Sleep & Breating 2021 and the Examination in Sleep Medicine, which were planned to be in Prague, Czech Republic. The Sleep & Breating 2021 Sleep & Breathing event will be completely virtual!

Due to all restrictions the ESRS board decided to have an on-line examination only. Additionally there will be a new edition of the ESRS Textbook published not before July 2021. This includes, that the examination has to be adapted to this new Textbook. In order to give all participants enough time to prepare the exam, we had to postpone the exam to late November 2021!


In the meantime, we wish you all the best with good health and safety.

ESRS Board and Examination Subcommittee








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Please note that your ESRS membership login username and password are not valid for the examination login.

As soon as you have registered for the online application we will send you an email with an activation link, your username and password. Please keep this information for further purposes.

After clicking the activatíon link you will be redirected to the login for applicants. From here you can start your online application.

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  ESRS Textbook

(The 2014 edition of the ESRS Textbook was the main recommende reading for all examination from 2015 - 2020. For the 2021 examintion in Sleep Medicine the new, soon expected 2021 edition of the Textbook will be the main reading. If you are going to sit the 2021 examination, please wait with your order for the release of the edition!).